Follow the path you never know what you will find.. collectables etc.

Let me introduce myself and my Blog...

Please let me introduce myself, the website and my blog...

I am what I refer to as "Modernly Traditional"

A work in progress, with one foot in the future and the other in the past. This isn't the typical "blog" I suppose,  I'm not teaching a craft or preaching anything just hoping to share thoughts and ideas.


Please join me on Pinterest... in sharing an eclectic love and passion for all things beautiful perfect or not. Maybe we have common interests from gardening to antiques, collectables, hobbies, aging gracefully or who knows it is a small world...

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Thank you for stopping by, enjoy your day and everyone in it !

My Blog...

Appreciation of the finest and love of the simplest...

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From the Mountains to the Sea and much of what lies between. 

Ideas for the Garden, Farmhouse, Mountain Home & Beach House plus much more...

Cottage Gardening on the Rustic Side...of 7,200 ft Altitude Photos Below...

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